Marine Biology Seminars

Shark watching

Shark watching

Learn more about the under water world and their interesting inhabitants.

The Marine Biology College MBC is offering special Marine biology seminars with nine different subjects.

At the unique Eco Bay of Marsa Tondoba, 14 km south of Marsa Alam, is the Marine Biology Colege MBC located.

As one of worldwide only three VDST Marine Biology Training Centers outside Germany it offers marine biology seminars, courses and special events to divers, snorkellers, students and scientist.

Marine Biology Seminars are conducted on daily basis. Have a look on our “program”:

  • Monday: “Marine Invertebrates
  • Tuesday: “Dangerous Marine Species
  • Wednesday: “Whales & Dolphins
  • Thursday: “Partnership in the Sea
  • Friday: “Ecosystem Coral Reef
  • Saturday: “Fishes of the Red Sea
  • Sunday: “Sharks – Hunters of the Sea

During interactive theory sessions with slide show, video or power point presentation participants learn interesting things about the underwater world, the fragile eco system coral reef and their inhabitants.

Additional participants can book a special seminar biology dive guided by experienced multilingual marine biologist from our team.

Other marine biology programs are VDST Speciality courses, special Marine Biology weeks, VDST speciality course Marine Habitats, VDST speciality course Biodiversity of the Reef, Reef Check Events, Mentaltraing Dolphin Workshops.


  • Manual
  • Logbook sticker


  • City service charge


March – November 2010

Offered by: Marine Biology College

Price: Euro 30,-/person


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