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Do you offer Daytrips, Courses, Liveaboards or any other exciting Diving holidays?

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diving OFFERS is publishing your special offers free of charge!

The main goal of our unique online-service is to support diving centres around the world, by presenting their diverse and exciting offers free of costs to the worldwide dive-community.

If you are interested to present your diving deals and special offers to our large community, send it as soon as possible to get them published instantly.

No matter if you have just one or ten exciting diving offers; send it all and we will publish it for free.

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Tell about the highlights and other interesting things about your diving offer. Write more than 180 words. We ask for your understanding that we do not accept “two-line-offers” or descriptions less than 180 words.
IMPORTANT: Please do not send replicated texts of your or other websites. By no means we are publishing “offers” based just 1:1 on copies of any website content.

Fill in everything what is included in your offer (i.e. tanks, weights, breakfast on board, etc.)

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As we also publish diving OFFERS in German language, you can get a proper translation of your offer for as little as 39,- Euros (incl. VAT), done by our native German speakers. Your offer then appears on the German website, too, and attains the entire German speaking dive-community with its hundreds of thousands active divers.

We ask for understanding that we do not publish offers translated in “broken” German or in another way we cannot publish, because of grammatical or spelling faults.

YES, we want our diving offer also get published in German. Contact us quickly to get it done!

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Send an expressive picture of your dive centre, resort, your liveaboard, or a nice shot from the location, or from the underwater world of your area.

Please note: Pictures (not smaller than 600 pixels width) send to Including a caption, because we do not accept images titled with i.e. IMG_2988, PIC_3756 or any other mystically description. We need a caption, because we do not know the details, but want to present your images properly.

We do also not collect and/or put together information from customer-websites by ourself. Due to legal reasons we do also not download images from websites to avoid violation of copyrights or any other legal rights. Please send your information ONLY by our special form.

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