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Moray eel

Moray eel

Explore the waters around the wonderful island of Mauritius with Ocean Spirit Diving.

Ocean Spirit diving center guarantees a five star service in various diving activities, especially in terms of price and diving facilities. We like to keep it simple, small and friendly, and are devoted to a really loving caring and individual service rather than factory like bubblemakers.

Safety is our major criteria in organizing dives and all standards concerning safety rules are strictly applied, so as to offer a professional secure service that is as enjoyable as possible. Our attention focused on quality service, safety and professionalism, finds its strength in the love for the ocean, the passion to share it with you, and the dream to awaken in you, the spiritual sight of the majestic marine realm.

We organize a variety of dives including reef dives, deep dives, night dives, shark dives and more. Half day Safari diving around Gunners Island, Flat Island, Snake Island and Round Island, which are some of the best spots of Mauritius.

Early morning dive

The early morning dives done at 6.30 a.m. are very special for several reasons. For instance, it´s short after sunrise, where the light atmospheres on surface and in water are fabulous. Many fish species and crustacean reach back for the holes and hidesfor their morning breakfast. Most of the times, big fish are seen, getting cleaned out in some shallow reef by cleaners, and the great advantage too is to have a full day available for spending with family and for excursions as we return to the dive centre at 8.30 a.m. The minimum requirements are 3 – 4 divers for early morning dive planning.

Night dive

We plan 2 – 4 night dives a month. We do the night dives generally in depths from 12 to 25 meters. We are very meticulous on night diving with our Client, as we must admit, it disturbs the fish. Thus, we take only disciplined and cool divers on night dives. We start at sunset and return 2 hours later. Thus in winter, it happens from 18 to 20.30 and in summer from 19.30 to 21.30. Great species of fish can be observed and the famous gracious Spanish dancers. Minimum requirements for night dive are 4 – 5 divers.

Photographer Dive

This trip is for the shooters. No other divers mixed, thus no hurry to follow a group, one may even spend 10 minutes on one single fish to get his wished shot. No troubles with sand lifted up by other un aware divers. The dive may be planned on any of our dive sites, and the duration of the dive is 50 minutes. Requirement for organizing the photo dive trip is 2 – 3 divers, and 20 – 30 logged dives.

Exclusive diving

For families, friends or couples in deep love. The boat, skipper and the Instructor may be hired for 1 or 2 tank dive or half day trip. Drinks and snacks are offered free of charge. The trip may vary from the normal close dive sites down to the Northern Islands for picnic and great dives in a family or romantic atmosphere supported by a exclusive personalized service. The trips may be done with sailing boat or Barracuda.


All year round.

Offered byOcean Spirit Diving


  • Dives from 30,- (single dive) to 250,- (10 dives)
  • Safaris from 90,-

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Location: Pereybere

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