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Thresher shark

6 days/5 nights Diving in Malapascua

Quite undiscovered in the very middle of the Philippines you will find Malapascua. It´s the only place where you will see thresher sharks each day and celebrate thrilling encounters with these amazing “buddies”. Of course chances are high to also “meet” some whitetip sharks as well.

Twin-share rooms

Dive vacation at the Calamianes

If you never heard about the Calamianes, then it´s the right time now to learn more about these amazing islands in the Sulu Sea. Discover the Calamianes, starting from Coron, Palawan, and explore the stunning underwater world.

World´s best beach

Boracay for Divers

Boracay has probably the best beach in the world, and is still a destination visited by divers from all around world. Explore the wonderful underwater world or bring your diving education to a higher level. The warm and friendly staff will make your stay unforgettable.

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